Zac Braddy

Fullstack javascript web developer who is super jazzed by great tech and awesome architecture

Zac Braddy

Fullstack javascript web developer who is super jazzed by great tech and awesome architecture

Hi there! My name is Zac Braddy and I am a Lead Web Developer with just over 5 years experience and I'm super jazzed by great tech and awesome architect. You might be wondering how much I like doing the things I do with computers, well to put it simply; I'm super obsessed by tech. Put this way, sometimes I feel like I might be a mutant code monkey sent back from the future. Add to that the fact that I can actually talk to people and take pride in my ability to lead people and there's your explanation.

My obsession with tech and development has given me the opportunity to experience a lot in a short amount of time. At my core I'm a Fullstack javascript developer, but unlike most full stack developers I had a keen interest in the front end for a good amount of time. This means that I have extensive experience in front end languages frameworks and technologies. Shall we make a list? HTML + HTML5, CSS + CSS3, SASS, JSON, XML, Javascript (ES5 and 6), JQuery, Angular 1, ReactJs, Redux, Create react app, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Node + NPM, Bower and other similar technologies to those on the list, but let's not stop there. On top of all that in the past I've run a blog and Youtube channel based on React and related technologies which gaves me a much deeper insight into that particular framework. This lead to me publishing my own React based online course with Manning publications. These days that experience is put to good use in the blogs and videos I do here and there about topics I'm interested in.

But right now I'm working at Koodoo where I get to play with all the buzzwords that developers wish they had the opportunity to work with. I'm building Node microservices which surface a RESTful APIs and communicate internally using NATS. All these services are built into Docker containers so they can be deployed on to our Kubernetes cluster. We also follow all the best buzzwords in terms of development practices like Agile, Kanban, CI/CD etc. Apart from all the usual QA trappings we also performance test our services using Locust.

This was not my first time attempting Microservices so I have experience not just with the good but also the bad and ugly. None the less the attempts I've had in the past have seen me get experience with CQRS systems as well as Nancy routing hosted inside of an NServiceBus wrapper which was then used for messaging. Eventstore for storage; and for CI/CD I had a combination of Jenkins and Chef. It was certainly an exciting time to be a developer!

My career has seen me in roles that not only saw me managing 5 developers but also making big decisions around the direction of the tooling and architecture for the solution. In most cases I would be able to share here much about the business functionality but I can tell you that I've worked to architect front ends and back ends alike. Most of my front end experience is React and Redux SPAs I've built these in the past to do things like talk to C#/.NET back end via SignalR where the code is written using CQRS and DDD methodologies and stores it's data in an Event sourced database. Naturally, in this day and age, all the applications I've been working on recently have been cloud hosted on services like Azure or GCP.

I've been having all this fun over the past couple of years and yet you'll still find me searching for more. I'm always looking for my next challenge and searching for the next guy or gal who knows a little bit more than me. When I find them I plan to listen as much as possible and soak up their super powers! If you're reading this and you like what you've read so far then maybe we should have a conversation.

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Javascript (ES6+)
REST APIs (Web Api/Express)
DDD/SOLID Principles
Web Storm
Dev Console
Build Tools in Node/NPM

Education and Awards logoEducation / Awards

Free Code Camp
Fullstack Web Development Certification
Jan 2017 - Present

This was a combination of attractive things for me. First, it presents an opportunity to volunteer my services to needy not for profit businesses. Second, it presents an opportunity to consolidate my Web Development fundamentals which I believe to be important so as not to let them slip. Third, it's free!

MSCD: Web Applications/MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional
MSCD: Web Applications/MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional
Apr 2016 - Jun 2016

I challenged myself to complete all three certifications required to achieve this accolade in 9 weeks and succeeded! The exams were "Programming in C#", "Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications" and "Microsoft Azure and Web Services".

MongoDB for .NET Developers
MongoDB Inc.
Aug 2015 - Sep 2015

An interesting and free certification given away by MongoDB. It was a 7 week online course with homework and projects. It definitely gave me an edge given that this was around the time that Mongo was starting to solidify it's hold on the No-SQL market and MEAN stack was being discovered to be the excellent stack that it is or was.

A Stack of Pluralsight Courses

Whenever I've had the opportunity to use Pluralsight through my workplaces I've always indulged with gusto. Unfortunately I've always had a different account so my transcript looks a bit sparse. But where I've had the full account I've always attempted the certifications at the end.

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Computing
Latrobe University
2003 - 2007

In these degrees I majored in Accountancy and Software Engineering respectively. I completed a double degree because at the time I was unsure if I wanted to go into business or computing so I did both to cover my bases. I chose the computing route obviously but my Accountancy degree has certainly helped me in the world of Enterprise Software Development.

Testimonials and appearances logoTestimonials / Appearances

Picture of James Studdart
An outstanding master of his craft; incredibly charismatic with a wealth of knowledge; he delivers expertise with an ease that helps you to understand what is being spoken about. Zac is a helpful, knowledgeable developer who brings a level of understanding and competence that any team would benefit from. He can not only solve your problem but understands the underlying fundamentals of the solution, so you can rest assured the task is well taken care of. James Studdart, Senior Developer, Sliced Bread Podcast host, The Cynical Developer
Picture of Paul Seal
Zac is a fantastic member of the online community. Not only does he write an excellent blog and create videos for helping other people learn about react, but he also goes out of his way to help others who ask for help with their personal or work projects. He's an inspiration to us all. Paul Seal, Tech Lead at MEDIAmaker Blog author at

I also, wrote an article on retrieving your blog from the clutches of rebloggers on Check it out here
Picture of Jamie Taylor
Having worked collaboratively with Zac, I can say for certain that he is a hard working, conscientious person and definitely someone you want on your team. He’s a quick study and a fountain of knowledge. He knows exactly how to get his thoughts and expertise across in a way that fits his audience perfectly. Reading through his blog or watching his tutorial videos you get a sense for the serious and the humorous side to Zac. Jamie Taylor, .Net Developer at Audacia Consulting Blog Author at A Journery in .NET Core

I also wrote an article on building a .NET core backend for your React front end on the "A Journey in .NET Core" blog. Check it out here
Cynical Developer Logo

I appeared on the third episode of the Cynical Developer podcast talking about React. Check it out here

Websites logoWebsites

React in Motion

React in Motion is an online course that I have published with Manning Publishing aimed at getting React newbies off the ground and working at an professional level with React.

Checkout my course
Screen shot of the reactionary dot net you tube channel
The Reactionary Youtube Channel

This is the sister youtube channel to my blog where I take video based react js learning adventures. Even though I've stopped the blog and uploading youtube videos this channel still has over 400 subscribers!

Watch my Youtube Channel
My Github

Behold, my fairly underwhelming contribution to open source. I have a few pull requests logged here but nothing really to write home about. The few projects I do have on here are mainly backing repositories for tutorials that I've done on The Reactionary.

Check out my GitHub

Interests LogoInterests

I think that mainly, I'm most enthusiastic about tech and furthering my knowledge. I'm well aware that if I am to amass the sort of knowledge that I wish to in my life time I need to be diligent.

That said, I'm not a robot and in my down time I like to play video games, Apex Legend is my poison of choice at the moment. I also like to escape a little to Virtual Reality with my HTC Vive.

TV series keep me entertained if I ever find a moment to myself. At the moment I'm deep into Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

I also really enjoy playing board games and tabletop RPGs whenever I get the chance to. The final item on my list of geeky things that I enjoy is the fact that I'm an avid comic book fan. You can make mine Marvel and my three favourite heros are Deadpool, Dr Strange and Moon Knight. The last couple of years have been good for me in that my favourite characters have been getting movies and if a Moon Knight movie comes out soon I may just bust!

Self Development
TV Series