Zac Braddy
Contract Software Engineer

About Me

Hi there! My name is Zac Braddy, and I am a Contract Software Engineer  with about eight years of experience. I'm super jazzed by great tech and awesome architecture. If you're wondering how much I like doing the things I do with computers, well, to put it simply; I'm super obsessed by tech . Put this way; sometimes, I feel like I might be a mutant code monkey sent back from the future!

But it's not just a good tech stack that excites me, when it comes down to it, what really excites me is working with great teams to deliver quality software, on time, to people who can use it to shape our future—and having fun while doing it! 

Nottingham, UK
UK work permit
+447450 587 400

What I do

Software Engineering

My varied experience has seen me using lots of different types of tech to engineer software of many different shapes and sizes. It's also allowed me to practice pragmatically delivering software,  and this has unlocked my ability to produce software at a high quality and in a timely fashion.

Software Architecture

I've spent a fair amount of time collecting practices and techniques for building highly scalable, maintainable and extensible  software architecture that adheres to SOLID and DDD principles as well as others. I've also learned from experience that architecture is more than just stringing together boxes on a whiteboard in the right order.


I owe a great deal of my success to the people who've invested their time and knowledge in me. I feel strongly that to honour the effort these people have put in, that I must pay it forward and help the next wave  of software engineers to achieve their goals. I love to help developers behind me in this journey come along with me. 


Delivering software projects to the right level of quality and on-time is vital for any business but in startups like the ones I've been helping to succeed  this is especially true. Through good project management and providing the right level of support and encouragement to the teams I've worked with, I've been able to help lead them towards the best possible results  for both the business and individual team members.


Zac Braddy is the type of developer that companies drool over. He has established himself in the industry as a published author and as the co-host of a software podcast. But what makes him stand apart from others in the industry is that he is a developer who learns quickly, is an excellent communicator, stays involved with the community and has the ability to lead.
- Allen Underwood, Principal Software Engineer, Coding Blocks
Over my first year as a developer, Zac’s mentorship and support has been invaluable. Whether he’s encouraging me to persevere through any topic I might be struggling with, or celebrating my successes, he approaches every issue with kindness and empathy. He’s a fantastic communicator and I feel extremely lucky to have him as a mentor.
- Georgia Shaw, Software Developer, Digital Theatre
Zac's focus on teaching and mentorship has guided me several times in my career. His longevity in the industry can prove he has the ability to code, but I think the key to his successes is the ability to magically make everyone around him better.
- Jay Miller, Developer Advocate, Elastic
Count yourself lucky to work with Zac Braddy. He is incredibly bright and dedicated, and he puts his heart into everything he does. Even better, Zac amplifies the productivity of everyone around him through clear, concise communication. He doesn't just do amazing work, he improves the work of everyone else around him.
- Joe Zack, Principal Software Engineer, Broadcom Inc.
Zac is passionate, friendly and experienced software developer. Delighted to have worked with him and would love to again.
- Jenny Yang, Graduate Developer
Having worked with Zac on some informal projects, I can say that he's be an asset to any team if he brings as much enthusiasm and drive to those projects as he does to your team. He is constantly keeping me up to date with the latest developments in both the technologies he uses, and the systems he uses to support them. On top of that, Zac is one of the best positive motivators I have ever met.
- Jamie Taylor, Lead Contractor, RJJ Software

I like to do

Spending time with family
Playing Video Games
Playing Tabletop Roleplaying Games
Doing fun things with computers